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Safe Roof Cleaning & Coating

Unfortunately, when you buy your home you do not receive an instruction booklet or owners manual. Your home is often one of your most expensive purchases you will make. Protecting and maintaining the roof that protects you, you’re family and your possessions should be a primary concern.


Keeping your roof free from moss and debris, whether it’s a total cleaning and sealing application or just a periodic loose debris tidy-up, will make all the difference to the lasting appearance and longevity of your roof.

Replacing a roof or repairing a roof can be very expensive! We all know that insurance companies are getting on our backs to replace our roofs! What we don’t know is that they are sending up drones to inspect the roofs, and when a roof looks clean, it can buy you more time. Roofs are supposed to last longer than the time they are telling us to replace our roofs. Makes no sense! Insurance companies are just trying to make their money back from all the claims they paid out!

Mold can build up on your roof shingles and contribute to the problems of a leaky roof. When you power wash your roof routinely, it can remove the problems of mold and improve your roof’s quality.


Re-roofing is normally not necessary as restoration of a protective and decorative coating is a relatively simple and durable process if these guidelines are observed.


Provided quality products are used, the success of the restoration is entirely dependent on the degree of preparation carried out. It is important to keep in mind that without adequate preparation the life of the applied coating will be reduced.


If the roof has been correctly prepared and coated it will provide many years of service, improving both the appearance of the building and the protective function of the roof tiles.

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