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Exterior House Cleaning

Its a lot less expensive to power wash your home annually rather than have it painted every three or four years. You’ll pay thousands of pounds to have your house painted verses the cost of power washing. Also, when you power wash your home it gets rid of all of the debris that can damage your paint job.

You will be amazed as to how clean and new your house will look after an exterior house cleaning service comes to clean your home. Some people say their house looks like it was just painted! (Just think, the average person washes their car typically once a month to rid the  bugs from their car, the least you can do for your house is give it a bath once or twice a year).

Mildew, algae, and mould are three of the biggest factors that cause allergies and other health problems. Your house might have mould spores on it and these can enter the home through cracks in it (windows, siding that is improperly installed). When this happens, you can have problems like headaches, skin rashes, blurred vision, cognitive problems, sinus problems and frequent asthma attacks (for asthmatics). If you call us for a regular exterior cleaning service, you may find that you’re health is much better.

Call Us to learn more about exterior house cleaning.

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